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E-Soft ERP System Malaysia
E-Soft Time Clock System
E-Soft Payroll  System
E-Soft Accounting System
E-Soft Timber Log System
E-Soft Sawn Timber System
E-Soft POS System
Transport Management    System
Haulage Control System
Multi-Level Marketing    Solutions
E-Soft Hotel Management    System
E-Soft Library Control    System

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Ultimate Business Software for SMI Malaysia
Since 1990, we have been involved in software development business. Our range of software products including ERP software solution, Time Management System,Payroll System & other special solutions for all type of industries e.g Timber Logs & Sawn Timber solutions for wood industries and Plastic Injection Moulding solution for Plastic Industry. Our solutions integrate with various type of collection devices like barcode reader, time clock RFiD reader to ease the data input process.

Our vision
To provide customer with a 'Simple & Comprehensive Solution' Software..

Business software for Manufacturing
Metal Stamping, Plywood, Electronic, Assembly, Contract Manufacturer, Wood, Medicine Factory, Automobile Industry, Wire Hardness, Plastic Industries. Packaging, Electronic, Chemical, etc.

E-Soft ERP Strength compare with the others
We provide software solutions for manufacturer since 1990, our team member are having lots of experiences in manufacturing environment especially plastic moulding & metal stamping industries,therefore will ensure the implementation process are smoother.
We are the system developer, thus would be able to provide more in depth consultation, training & support to the client. Enhancement features & additional requirement would be able to add on when necessary.
E-Soft ERP System is simple & easy to use.
We provide localize features in dealing with Customs matter including CJ5, GPB1, LMW License maintenance,M1 & M2 customs reports & etc.
E-Soft ERP provide special moulding specification maintenance for the plastic moulding industry to maintain the Bill of Material in plastic injection moulding format.
E-Soft ERP System built in the alert messenger in which Person In charge will be notified by email, message prompt or sms in certain predefine occasions.
Our Product :
System Manager & Master File
Purchase Order Processing
Material Stock Control System
IQC Control System
Job Order Control System
Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
Manufacturing System
QC Control System
Finished Goods Stock Control System
Sales Order Processing
Shipping Control System
Accounting System

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